Make your data count
Date:October 13, 2015


ORDS logo square smallAllows Oxford researchers and their collaborators to create, edit, search, and share relational databases online.

The ORDS is currently in the process of being wound down: after 1 June 2017 the service will no longer be supported by the University of Oxford.

Consequently, this service is not advised for new projects. The service will remain available to current users until the closure date. Support is being provided for users who need to find alternative solutions for data storage and analysis.

Any queries should be directed to the IT Services Research Support team.

The ORDS (Online Research Database Service) is a free, centrally-supported, online service which allows researchers to store and organise their data in relational databases. Researchers can create databases, and edit, search, and share their research data. The service is used by research staff and postgraduate research students at the University of Oxford, plus their external collaborators.