Make your data count

RDM Delivery Group

The RDM Delivery Group includes support staff from across the University. It meets monthly to discuss a range of issues relating to research data management, including development of the Research Data Oxford website.

Current group members

  • John Southall (co-chair) – Bodleian Data Librarian
  • Howard Noble (co-chair) – Head of Research Support, IT Services
  • David Tomkins – Digital Scholarship Support Officer (ORA-Data), BDLSS
  • Meriel Patrick – Research Support team, IT Services
  • Rowan Wilson – Research Support team, IT Services
  • Catherine Dockerty – Radcliffe Science Library
  • Frank Egerton – Bodleian Taylor Institution Library
  • Owen Coxall – Bodleian Health Care Libraries
  • Matthew Neely – Bodleian Special Collections
  • Sally Rumsey – Digital Research Librarian, BDLSS
  • Steven Young – Advanced Research Computing
  • Dugan Witherick – Advanced Research Computing
  • Sarah Mason – Polonsky Fellow for Digital Preservation
  • Edith Halvarsson – Polonsky Fellow for Digital Preservation
  • Kathryn Dally – Research Services/CUREC
  • Claudia Kozeny-Pelling – Research Services/CUREC

The RDM Delivery Group reports to the Research Data Management and Open Data Working Group.

Enquiries about the RDM Delivery Group should be sent to