Make your data count

Research Data Management Mentoring Programme seeks humanities participants

The Research Data Management Mentoring Programme is seeking humanities researchers who would be interested in taking part.

The programme aims to provide tailored, ongoing research data management support for researchers. This will be done in two ways:

  • Establishing relationships between researchers and research support staff
  • Bringing researchers together in contexts that allow them to share knowledge and experience


In the humanities, research ‘data’ may take many diverse forms – as well as traditional structured data of the sort that might be found in a database, it may also include textual resources, images, audio and video recordings, and much more. The issues raised by working with these kinds of material are similarly diverse, which makes a customized approach to support particularly appropriate.

For further details, please see the full call for participants. Interested parties (who may be lone researchers or part of research teams) are invited to get in touch by emailing by 3rd November 2014.

The RDM Mentoring Programme, which is coordinated by staff from IT Services Research Support team and the Bodleian Libraries, is already working with a group of researchers from the social sciences (a blog post about the launch can be seen here). We hope it will ultimately be possible to expand the programme to cover all disciplines.

Meriel is an Academic Research Technology Specialist in the Research Support team at IT Services. Much of her work focuses on research data management.