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Upcoming events: data science and data visualisation

Two upcoming events that may be of interest to researchers working with data:

Wolfram logoWolfram Training – Data Science: Analysis and Presentation

Wolfram is hosting a one-day Data Science: Analysis and Presentation training course in Oxfordshire on Friday 3 June.

The Wolfram Language is a unified system for data structuring, analysis and presentation. This course will look at a broad range of topics through data science: the first half will focus on handling data and using automatic processing functions, and the second half will go into more in-depth statistical analysis including probability, hypothesis testing and model fitting.

For further details, see the course listing. (Please note that this is an intermediate level course, assuming some prior knowledge, and that there is a fee to attend.)

data_visualisation_eventData Visualisation and the Future of Academic Publishing

On Friday 10 June, the University of Oxford’s Interactive Data Network is hosting a one-day event designed to bring together publishers, academics, journalists, and technologists around the topic of data visualisation. The aim is to foster discussion and set new goals for collaboration and innovation; a question of particular interest is how academic institutions and publishers might work together to support researchers in creating data visualisations.

For further details, including a provisional agenda, see the event web page, which also includes a link to the registration page.

Meriel is an Academic Research Technology Specialist in the Research Support team at IT Services. Much of her work focuses on research data management.