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DigiSafe – new digital preservation service

We are happy to announce that the University now has a new opt-in service offering secure storage and management of electronic records and digital objects. Interested parties are invited to sign up now.

The University of Oxford Digital Archive Service (‘DigiSafe’) has been established in response to a recognized need among colleges and departments for a secure, affordable system for storage, management, and long-term preservation of digital material. Subscribing units get access to a cloud-based platform, supplied by Libnova, which offers storage and tools for secure and compliant data preservation.

Key features

  • Long-term archiving (10+ years) of infrequently accessed material;
  • 100% data integrity with four copies of all files;
  • Secure lifecycle from upload to long-term storage;
  • Simple upload/download facility (‘drag-and-drop’);
  • Easy access to archived files, with ability to quickly pre-view the material;
  • Simple workflows for non-archival specialists as well as advanced functions for professional archival use;
  • Customisable retention schedules and workflows for managing personal and sensitive data;
  • Scalable and flexible to fit the needs of different departments;
  • Approved by Information Security for use with all kinds of data, including confidential.

The Libnova platform was chosen after a procurement process involving representatives from Colleges, IT Services, Bodleian Libraries, Departments, and the national Digital Preservation Consortium. The aim was to identify a secure system for long-term preservation of digital objects that is easy to use, flexible, and affordable. The platform has been approved by the University Information Security Team for storage of all kinds of data, including confidential material.


The service is now being made available to University departments and colleges. Annual subscriptions, including 1 TB of data storage, cost £2,500 for the 2020/21 financial year, charged from 1 Aug 2020. Additional storage can be requested. The 2020/21 price includes on-boarding and training in July.

More information

For further details, please visit the DigiSafe information site. Do contact the service manager (, phone: 01865 283 686) if you have any questions, or if you want to discuss what joining the service would mean for you.