Make your data count

EPSRC data requirements and what you need to do

In 2011, the EPSRC implemented its new Policy Framework on Research Data which includes a number of expectations that need to be fully met by those it funds by May 2015. Click here for a summary. Answers to Frequently asked questions from Oxford researchers are available.

What you need to do

The University requires its EPSRC-funded researchers (staff and students), with department support, to manage their research data in accordance with the University Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records and, in relation to those data (and only such data) as would be necessary to verify published research conclusions – i.e. those data underpinning charts, graphs, and quantitative statements in publications – to act as below:

  1. Decide how and on what terms any data that underpin/support your published paper will be made available to interested parties (having regard to confidentiality, commercial or contractual terms, especially where your data includes data from collaborators or third parties)
  2. State in your published papers how the underlying data may be accessed
  3. Store your data (including non-digital data) in a manner which would facilitate them being made available to others
  4. Ensure your data are securely preserved for at least ten (10) years
  5. Describe your data using appropriate metadata to enable other researchers to find your data, cite them, and to understand the potential for further research and re-use of the data.