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  1. If there are potential costs in storing, curating and/or managing your research data, please include these costs in your grant application.
  2. Although EPSRC does not expect a data management plan at the application stage, you may find it a useful tool in helping plan how you will deal with your data. DMPonline is a useful tool for building data management plans.
  3. Seek advice on what data you would wish to share with others, how you will do so and when, and whether others may be interested in requesting access. If you would like to discuss this further with someone, please email
  4. Expectations on storage and preservation can in general be met by depositing your data in a suitable subject, national, or journal data repository. To find out more about suitable data repositories and whether they meet EPSRC requirements, read the Archives and Other Options page. You may also follow this up by contacting your subject librarian or emailing
  5. The University of Oxford repository for research data – or records of deposits elsewhere – is ORA-Data.
  6. Note that datasets stored in ORA-Data are assigned DOIs, and are described using DataCite standard metadata.

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EPSRC Self-assessment checklist

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