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BBSRC requirements

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What does the BBSRC expect?
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    all applications seeking research grant funding from BBSRC must submit a data management plan. This should include concise plans for data management and sharing as part of the research grant proposal, or provide reasons why data sharing is not possible or appropriate. The plan should be a maximum of one side of A4.
  • HELP WITH COSTS? Funding to support the management and sharing of research data (for example staffing, physical resources such as storage and networking capability) can be requested as part of the full economic cost of a research project.
  • DATA DEPOSIT AND TIMESCALES: Data should be made
    available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner. It is expected that this would generally be no later than the release through publication of the main findings, and
    should be in-line with established best practice in the field. Where best practice does not exist, release within three years of generation of the dataset is suggested as a guide.
    Data should securely held for a period of ten years after completion of the research project.
  • ACCESS AND DATA SHARING: Data sharing via an existing database, repository or other community resource is expected where possible. Researchers are encouraged to share data through
    mechanisms affording the widest availability for generating added value and enabling re-use. The BBSRC supports a number of data sharing resources.
    Grantholders are also requested to capture and record data sharing activities on ResearchFish.

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