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FCDO requirements

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What does the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office expect?
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  • DATA MANAGEMENT PLAN REQUIRED AT APPLICATION? Yes: an Access and Data Management Plan must be included in the project design.
  • HELP WITH COSTS? Associated costs to be budgeted for when research is commissioned and included in award.
  • DATA DEPOSIT AND TIMESCALES: Raw or derived datasets should be deposited in a suitable open access discipline or institutional repository within twelve months of final data collection.
    Metadata for all datasets should be provided to the funder.
  • ACCESS AND DATA SHARING: Researchers should retain raw datasets, and provide free access on request, for a minimum of five years after project completion.

Information copyright the Crown from “DFID Research Open and Enhanced Access Policy V1.1

NB. At time of writing, much of the documentation relating to development funding on the FCDO site still refers to DFID.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is a UK government department. Formerly, the Department for International Development (DFID) funded research intended to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty; in September 2020, DFID was merged into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to become the FCDO, which now offers similar funding opportunities.