Make your data count

Citing your data

One way to ensure your data can be cited (whether by someone else or by you), to track usage, and to make it straightforward for data citations to be added to journal articles and other publications, is to give your data a persistent identifier, such as a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Giving your data a DOI:

  • means that usage of your data can be followed as others use and cite your data.
  • makes the data uniquely identifiable.
  • means you will always be identified as the creator of the cited data.
  • means your data can always be located with a simple web search.

Tools, resources, and training

How to Cite Datasets and Link to Publications

Creating links between publications and underlying data – a DCC guide.
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Digital Object Identifiers

The Bodleian Libraries has the ability to assign DOIs to Oxford-created datasets.
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