Make your data count

Tools, services, and training

I need to…

... store my live research data during my project                                                                                         

Electronic Lab Notebooks

ELNs provide secure collaboration with fellow researchers for the collection and management of research data.
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Departmental IT Support

Data storage in Oxford is usually provided at the departmental level – ask your IT Officer for details.
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Nexus SharePoint

A collaborative online workspace that can be used for storing and sharing files.
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... preserve my data at Oxford


Oxford’s institutional archive for digital research data produced by Oxford academics.
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... find a suitable repository is a global registry of research data repositories, covering a wide range of academic disciplines.
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Data standards, databases, and policies for the life, environmental, and biomedical sciences.
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... learn about funders' requirements

Funder Requirements

Visit the Funder Requirements page on this site for summaries of major funding bodies’ data policies.
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DCC – Funders’ Policies

The Digital Curation Centre provides an overview of funding bodies’ data policies.
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Research funders’ policies on open access data archiving and open access publishing.
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... find tools and services

Research Skills Toolkit

A catalogue of tools, tips, and techniques for researchers, plus a yearly series of hands-on workshops.
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... find training materials


A free online course for researchers and others who manage digital data as part of a research project.
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IT Learning Centre

A wide selection of courses, covering both software and more general skills, such as database design.
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Browse training material

Self-study material and taught courses for researchers, plus resources for trainers.
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