Make your data count

Dryad Digital Repository

A curated repository designed to make data underlying scientific publications freely reusable.
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An open source web application for sharing, preserving, citing, exploring, and analysing research data.
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The European Bioinformatics Institute provides freely available data from life science experiments.
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Global Health Data Management

Network and resources for data managers with an interest in clinical research.
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Start Early

A brief slideshow on the importance of thinking about digital preservation at the start of a project.
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Store It Safely

A brief slideshow about storing research data to ensure it remains available for the long term.
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Share It

A brief slideshow about the benefits of making your data available for re-use by others.
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Downloadable DMP Templates

Twenty Questions for Research Data Management, and a simple DMP template for postgraduate research.
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Open Data Commons

Licences and other legal tools for making data openly available for reuse.
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Creative Commons

Licences which can be used when sharing data for reuse by other researchers.
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Teaching materials for a series of training modules for medical and other science researchers.
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