Make your data count


Oxford’s institutional archive for digital research data produced by Oxford academics.
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DMP Online

An online tool for building a data management plan. Oxford-specific guidance now available.
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Electronic Lab Notebooks

ELNs provide secure collaboration with fellow researchers for the collection and management of research data.
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Data Backup on the HFS

Oxford’s central backup service, available free of charge to University staff and graduate students.
Read MoreVisit Website is a global registry of research data repositories, covering a wide range of academic disciplines.
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Digital Curation Centre

A national service providing advice about the whole research data lifecycle.
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Research Data Health Check

An informal chat about your data – find out about tools and services that might make your life easier.
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IT Services Research Support

Advice and support for all technical aspects of the research process, including data management.
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Induction Resources

Brief introductions to research data management, designed for use at induction sessions or similar events.
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Data Sharing Agreements

The University of Oxford’s Research Services can provide template agreements for data sharing.
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Research Skills Toolkit

A catalogue of tools, tips, and techniques for researchers, plus a yearly series of hands-on workshops.
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Nexus SharePoint

A collaborative online workspace that can be used for storing and sharing files.
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Allows University of Oxford members to share large files with people in and outside the University.
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Advanced Research Computing

A central resource available to any University of Oxford researcher who needs high performance computing.
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