Make your data count


Oxford’s institutional archive for digital research data produced by Oxford academics.
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Digital Curation Centre

A national service providing advice about the whole research data lifecycle.
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DCC – Funders’ Policies

The Digital Curation Centre provides an overview of funding bodies’ data policies.
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How to Appraise and Select Research Data for Curation

A managed approach to selecting data for curation – a DCC guide.
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Five Steps to Decide What Data to Keep

Appraising research data for long-term preservation – a DCC checklist.
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Where to Keep Research Data

A DCC guide to evaluating repositories for long-term data preservation.
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Sharing, Preservation, and Licensing

An interactive training module in the MANTRA course.
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Digital Object Identifiers

The Bodleian Libraries has the ability to assign DOIs to Oxford-created datasets.
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MRC – Data Sharing

Policy and guidance from the Medical Research Council on sharing data safely.
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Data standards, databases, and policies for the life, environmental, and biomedical sciences.
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Research funders’ policies on open access data archiving and open access publishing.
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Looking After and Sharing Data

Advice on storing, preserving, and sharing your research data from the University of Cambridge.
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Data Preservation

An online training module designed for humanities researchers, provided by PORT.
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Data Repositories

A list of repositories and databases for open data from the Open Access Directory.
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University of Oxford Text Archive

OTA is a repository of digital literary and linguistic resources for research and teaching.
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