Make your data count

DMP Online

An online tool for building a data management plan. Oxford-specific guidance now available.
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Data Management Plans

Guidance on developing a plan, plus checklists and funders’ requirements, from the DCC.
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Plan to Share

Good practice advice from the UK Data Service, covering why and how to share data, and how to plan for it.
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Research Data in Context

An interactive training module in the MANTRA course, introducing key data management concepts.
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Data Management Planning

An interactive training module in the MANTRA course, covering data management planning.
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IT Services Research Support

Advice and support for all technical aspects of the research process, including data management.
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Writing a Data Management Plan

Guides to writing data management plans for a range of major funders, from the University of Bristol.
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Managing Your Research

An online training module designed for historians and other humanities researchers, provided by PORT.
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Global Health Data Management

Network and resources for data managers with an interest in clinical research.
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Start Early

A brief slideshow on the importance of thinking about digital preservation at the start of a project.
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Downloadable DMP Templates

Twenty Questions for Research Data Management, and a simple DMP template for postgraduate research.
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