Make your data count

How to License Research Data

Selecting and applying the most suitable licences for research data – a DCC guide.
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Good practice advice from the UK Data Archive, covering copyright (and other IP rights) and data sharing.
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Sharing, Preservation, and Licensing

An interactive training module in the MANTRA course.
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IT Services Research Support

Advice and support for all technical aspects of the research process, including data management.
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Data Sharing Agreements

The University of Oxford’s Research Services can provide template agreements for data sharing.
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Publishers’ policies on copyright (including which rights are retained by authors) and self-archiving.
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Licensing Open Data

A practical guide to licences, and to some of the issues associated with licensing open data.
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Is It Yours? IPR Checklist

A useful intellectual property rights checklist from the University of Cambridge.
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Open Data Commons

Licences and other legal tools for making data openly available for reuse.
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Creative Commons

Licences which can be used when sharing data for reuse by other researchers.
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