Make your data count

Departmental IT Support

Data storage in Oxford is usually provided at the departmental level – ask your IT Officer for details.
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Nexus365 OneDrive

OneDrive for Business provides each University member with 5 TB of secure cloud-based storage.
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SharePoint Online

A collaborative online workspace that can be used for storing and sharing files.
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Electronic Lab Notebooks

ELNs provide secure collaboration with fellow researchers for the collection and management of research data.
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Sustainable Digital Scholarship

A long-term solution for the storage, publication, and preservation of data from digital research projects.
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HFS Backup Service

Oxford’s central backup service, available free of charge to University staff and graduate students.
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Storage and Security

An interactive training module in the MANTRA course, covering storing, securing, and backing up data.
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Information Security

Advice on keeping yourself and your data safe from the University of Oxford’s InfoSec team.
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Information Security Videos

Guidance on encrypting documents from the University of Oxford’s Information Security team.
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Store Your Data

Good practice advice from the UK Data Service, covering storage, backing up, security, and file sharing.
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MSD IT Services – Backup and Security

Information about storage, security, and backup from Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division IT Services.
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Store It Safely

A brief slideshow about storing research data to ensure it remains available for the long term.
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