Visit the LibGuide on depositing data in ORA

Deposit data in ORA

ORA is the University of Oxford's repository for research outputs, including data.

The service is an archival store which can preserve digital data produced wholly or in part by Oxford researchers. It is a University-wide service provided by the Bodleian Libraries. ORA can be used to store data that underpins scholarly publications, allowing the data to be cited. Where appropriate, data may also be made available for reuse by others.

ORA is not intended to replace national, subject, or other established data collections; instead, it complements other data archives by providing a local archive for researchers who are not able or do not want to deposit their data elsewhere. If data has been deposited elsewhere, Oxford researchers are encouraged to add a metadata record to ORA, to provide an additional means of discovery.

For information about the service, see the Bodleian's LibGuide on depositing data in ORA. To deposit in ORA, visit the ORA Deposit page, and select the ‘Deposit data’ option.

Any enquiries may be sent to ora@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

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