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ORA-Data is Oxford’s institutional archive for digital research data.

The service is an archival store for digital data produced wholly or in part by Oxford researchers. It is a University-wide service provided by the Bodleian Libraries. ORA-Data can be used to store data that underpins scholarly publications, allowing the data to be cited. Where appropriate, data may also be made available for reuse by others.

ORA-Data is not intended to replace national, subject, or other established data collections; instead, it complements other data archives by providing a local archive for researchers who are not able or do not want to deposit their data elsewhere. If data has been deposited elsewhere, Oxford researchers are encouraged to add a metadata record to ORA-Data, to provide an additional means of discovery.

For information about the service, see the Bodleian's ORA-Data LibGuide. To deposit in ORA-Data, visit the ORA Deposit page, and select the ‘Deposit data’ option.

Any enquiries may be sent to ora@bodleian.ox.ac.uk


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