Open Science Framework

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The Open Science Framework (OSF) offers a complete platform for managing your research, from planning through to publication. It is now open to members of all divisions and departments across the University, and you can access it using your Oxford SSO credentials.

What is OSF?

The Open Science Framework is developed and maintained by the Centre for Open Science, a not for profit company based in the US. It is an open-source research management framework to support open research practices.

OSF connects existing research support services into a research workflow. It also provides discovery tools to help find materials for research and integrate them. It is integrated with a range of research support services, including ORCID, CrossRef, DataCite, GitHub, Zotero, and Mendeley. You can see, select, and manage integrated services from the OSF dashboard.

OSF has workflows to support pre-registration of studies and pre-print creation. There are tools to support other project-related activities, such as conferences or workshops.

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