Make your data count
Date:September 12, 2015

Downloadable DMP Templates

Twenty Questions for Research Data Management, and a simple DMP template for postgraduate research.

20 Questions for DMP image smallTwenty Questions for Research Data Management

Twenty Questions for Research Data Management is a document designed to prompt thought at the beginning of a research project. Answering the questions will form the basis of a research data management plan that can both guide ongoing data management activities and inform others about the nature and availability of research data. It’s designed for use by research students, postdocs, and other academic researchers.

Twenty Questions for Research Data Management was originally developed by the University of Oxford’s David Shotton. The version above has been lightly revised by Research Data Oxford to reflect developments in the research data landscape. The original version is available from his Data Management Planning blog.

DMP template image smallData Management Plan for Postgraduate Research Projects

Also available is a template for a simple data management plan, suitable for postgraduate research projects. This covers five key areas: what data will be produced, how it will be documented, how it will be stored and backed up, legal and ethical issues, and plans for long-term archiving and sharing.

For other data management plan templates, see the DCC’s DMP Online tool.