Make your data count
Date:October 13, 2015

IT Learning Centre

IT Services logoA wide selection of courses, covering both software and more general skills, such as database design.

IT Learning Centre courses deal with a range of areas which may be of interest to researchers working with data, including how to get the most out of database and spreadsheet applications (e.g. Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Microsoft Excel), statistical tools (e.g. SPSS and Stata), and packages for working with qualitative data (e.g. NVivo). Other courses cover programming (including both general concepts, and specific languages such as R and Python), reference software, and a lot more besides.

The ITLC is based at IT Services, and most courses take place at the Banbury Road building. Online training is also available, either in the form of teacher-led sessions via Microsoft Teams, or via the LinkedIn Learning library of video courses.