Make your data count
Date:July 28, 2018

Nexus365 OneDrive

OneDrive for Business provides each University member with 5 TB of secure cloud-based storage.

Part of the Nexus365 suite of tools, OneDrive allows files and folders to be shared with colleagues both within and outside the University of Oxford. Microsoft Office files can be edited collaboratively via a browser or desktop app. By using the OneDrive app, files stored in the cloud can be synchronised with files stored on a desktop, laptop, or other device, meaning you can access your files from anywhere with an internet connection, and you always have access to the most recent version.

While OneDrive is a safe and convenient place to store and work with live data, users should be aware that their OneDrive space is linked to their SSO credentials, and hence that anything stored on the service will be deleted when they leave the University. Alternative arrangements for long-term archiving are therefore needed.

The service has been assessed by the University’s Information Security team, and is deemed a suitable place to store confidential data.