Make your data count
Date:October 16, 2018


Oxford’s institutional archive for digital research data produced by Oxford academics.

What is ORA-Data?

ORA-Data is an archival store for digital data produced as a result of research by Oxford academics. It is provided by the Bodleian Libraries. ORA-Data complements other data archives by providing a local archive for researchers who are not able or do not want to deposit their data elsewhere; ORA-Data is not intended to replace national, subject, or other established data collections. ORA-Data can be used to store data that underpins scholarly publications, so that the data can be cited and accessed (if applicable). ORA-Data was launched as a pilot service on 1 December 2014, and will continue to be developed towards providing full support for researchers.

For more information, see the main ORA-Data page on this site, or the Bodleian’s guide to the service.

To deposit data in ORA-Data, visit the ORA Deposit page, and select the ‘Data’ link.

Any enquiries may be sent to