Make your data count
Date:July 30, 2017

Sustainable Digital Scholarship

A long-term solution for the storage, publication, and preservation of data from digital research projects.

The Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) service is designed to address challenges to the sustainability of digital projects. The SDS platform, provided by Figshare, is an online, open access repository that allows researchers to store, work with, preserve, and share research data. It can be used for live data storage and as a way of keeping research data safe for the long term and making it available to a wider public.

The service is based in the Humanities Division, and the SDS Figshare platform is free to use for pre-existing Humanities projects, as well as, on a pilot basis, for pre-existing projects in the Social Sciences Division. The SDS platform is also open to new grant-funded projects from across the University, but charges will apply.