Make your data count


What is ORA-Data?

ORA-Data is one of a suite of support services designed to help researchers access, create, archive, share and cite research data. It holds catalogue records of archived research data deposited at specialist archives. It also holds research data deposits of its own. Phase one (Pilot) of ORA-Data was released on 1st December 2014. Development of the service is ongoing.

How it will help your research

ORA-Data is aimed at Oxford researchers who have either deposited data at external archives and want a centralised record of this, or who need a repository to deposit research data. The Oxford University Research Archive already acts as a searchable repository of theses and publications, so ORA-Data extends this capability. Using the service will prevent loss of data and increase the impact of your research. It will make your data accessible in a way you think appropriate and preserve it for future use.

What it offers

This service will be of interest to researchers or project managers who wish to:

  • Include an entry for their dataset in the Oxford catalogue of research data, irrespective of where it’s archived
  • Provide permanent links between publications and underlying data
  • Use a repository for secure long-term preservation of raw data and associated documentation
  • Create a collection that may be cited to internationally agreed standards increasing their research profile
  • Create a data collection that may be appropriately shared by other researchers
  • Fulfil funding bodies requirements to take active steps in preserving data and documentation
  • Assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to their dataset for citation and attribution

What it costs

Use of ORA-Data is currently free to researchers. A number of business models are under consideration to cover ongoing service costs: it has not yet been decided how the costs of running the ORA-Data service will be covered in the longer term, for example through central funding, research grants or by other means. If a charging model is ultimately adopted, it will be possible to include the fee for ORA-Data in X5 as a small research facility for inclusion in research applications. If you are putting together a funding application, and need to include any potential future ORA-Data deposit costs in the budget, please email for advice.

What it is not

ORA-Data is not for the storage of data that is still in use by research projects. It should not be used for the storage of research datasets created exclusively outside Oxford, nor as a replacement for existing archives researchers may already prefer to use.

For further advice on accessing and using ORA-Data take a look at the ORA-Data Libguide, visit the Bodleian’s ORA-Data page, or contact