Research File Service

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The Research File Service (RFS) provides a reliable, resilient, secure, and scalable University-approved central storage facility for active research data. 

Storage is offered via SMB (network drive), across the University network or through VPN from outside the University. As of spring 2024, access via a web interface is also available. Up to 20TB of storage space per project can be requested.

RFS can be used to share data with Oxford colleagues and (via the web interface) external collaborators. The service is suitable for public and internal (non-confidential) files.

RFS will be free at the point of use until at least 31 July 2025. Ongoing funding for the service is being sought, but arrangements after that date are still undecided. If charges for storage are introduced, users will be notified of this well in advanced. If charges do apply, these would be expected to be in the region of £200-300 per TB per annum.

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