Make your data count

More advice for EPSRC researchers

As the May 2015 deadline for new EPSRC guidelines on data preservation and sharing approaches, work has continued on providing advice and guidance. A batch of new questions and answers about what this policy means for day to day research has been added to the Research Data Oxford webs

Research Data Management Mentoring Programme seeks humanities participants

The Research Data Management Mentoring Programme is seeking humanities researchers who would be interested in taking part. The programme aims to provide tailored, ongoing research data management support for researchers. This will be done in two ways: Establishing relationships betwee

Research Data Management Mentoring Programme

We are excited to announce the launch of the Research Data Management Mentoring Programme. We are currently seeking a group of around six social science research projects to participate in this new initiative, coordinated by members of the IT Services Research Support Team and the Bod

Single email address for research data management enquiries

If you’ve seen the University’s new Research Data management website, you may have noticed that we now have a single email address for all enquiries relating to research data management: This does not imply that there is just one poor soul chained to a desk some