Make your data count

Seal of approval for ORA-Data

The Research Data Oxford team is delighted to announce that the Oxford Research Archive for Data (ORA-Data) has been awarded the Data Seal of Approval. The Seal represents an international, peer-reviewed standard which certifies a data archive according to sixteen essential criteria f

ORA-Data welcomes new users and feedback

(posted on behalf of Amanda Flynn, Bodleian Libaries) The Bodleian has recently launched a new service for the University, the Oxford Research Archive for Data (ORA-Data). An integrated digital repository and catalogue for research data, ORA-Data offers a service to archive and enable

Comparing the costs of data curation with the Curation Costs Exchange

This afternoon I had the pleasure of trip to London to join colleagues from the Digital Curation Centre, the BBC, and various academic institutions to road test a recently-launched tool for comparing the costs of data curation. Built as part of the EU-funded ‘4C’ Project (collaboratio