Make your data count

‘Things to do with Data’ talks to be broadcast live via the Web

It’s not always easy for everyone who would like to attend a talk to be physically present, especially in a geographically dispersed university such as Oxford. To help speakers at the ‘Things to do with Data’ series of Wednesday lunchtime talks reach a wider audience, we have therefor

Things to do with Data – lunchtime talks in Michaelmas Term, 2014

Over the coming term we will once again be running the ‘Things to do with Data’ series of lunchtime talks at IT Services on Banbury Road. Taking place every Wednesday from weeks 2 to 6 at 12:30, these talks will feature a variety of researchers and support staff from Oxford and beyond

Things to do with data – a series of lunchtime talks

During Trinity term we are running a series of talks relating to research data management entitled ‘Things to do with Data’. Your research involves collecting data – maybe from experiments, or surveys, or information plucked from ancient texts – but what do you do with it?