Data licensing guidance from around the web

Licensing Open Data: A Practical Guide

A practical guide to licences, and to some of the issues associated with licensing open data. The work was produced by Jisc. Topics covered include:

  • Legal constraints to achieving open data
  • Open data licences
  • How open are so-called ‘open’ licences?
  • When might open licences not be appropriate?

How to License Research Data

A how-to guide from the Digital Curation Centre.

Licensing Your Data

Part of the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide.

How Do I License My Research Data?

FAQs for researchers on how to license research data, from OpenAIRE.

RDMkit: Licensing

A guide to applying a licence to your data, including links to tools to help you select the appropriate licence.

OSF Support: Licensing

An overview of licensing research data and materials, from the Center for Open Science.

The Turing Way: Data Licenses

A guide to some of the licences commonly used for data.




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